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Yellow River - Over 50 years in the market now has a new lease of life in 2015.With a new production base in Su Qian, Jiang Su, the plant covers over 300,000 square meters and manufactures our famous LC Television with an annual capacity of over
2 million units a year over 4 of the newest technology production lines as well as now manufacturing Large Home Appliances such as Washing machines, Chest Freezers and Refrigerators all under one roof. The company has R&D centers in Shenzhen and Guangzhou as well as 3 sales centers located in Shenzhen, Ningbo and Guangzhou. But what sets Yellow River apart are the Yellow River people, mixing
the wisdom of experience with the hunger of youth we have developed a market-orientated team of dedicated professionals to strengthen technological innovation and customer service as well as giving you the partner you have always needed. "Yellow River - Dreamers Who Do!"
Currently, "Yellow river" insists on "Creating opportunities for employees to fulfill their dreams" and to "Create a special value for customers in regards to price and quality". We strive to be socially responsible for the society and to try and be a step forward for Chinese Human Rights as its core values believing that our brand was made for people by the people, and too focus on creating a global trustworthy enterprises in the world.

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