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  • The Yellow River U-LED, for you to choose Ultra HD
  • DATE:2015-3-26
  •   The world's largest consumer electronics show opened in January 8th in Las Vegas, USA.
    HD display and intelligent applications are the two major themes of the current CES exhibition. In the Korean Japanese TV companies have launched OLED and other Ultra HD flat, while the Yellow River (HH) has launched a world of peer attention, U-LED TV, so that your vision is more clear
      U-LED (U Ultra abbreviation, meaning extreme, super high) is based on the LED screen, through the system of software and hardware optimization, in a high contrast, high color gamut, high definition and faster speed to improve the display effect. Comparison of the same sources, see U-LED in the dark, picture, color gamut far beyond the previous LED tv. And the Yellow River (HH) provided the figures show: U-LED dynamic contrast can reach one million than one, is 10 times the ordinary LED, while the color gamut range compared with ordinary LED to enhance more than 15%;
      The CES show, Samsung, LG, etc. are released on the upcoming OLED, but its 55 inch price will be as high as 80 thousand yuan, far away from the consumer.
      And the Yellow River (HH) will be listed at the end of this month, the world's 55 inch screen, the price of about 10 thousand. Obviously, the Yellow River with the intention through the quality, the price close to the people of the high cost of blocking the contend of Korean enterprises.

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