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  • The Yellow River LCD TV to seize the network market to see results
  • DATEļ¼š2015-3-28
  • Recently, the Yellow River products sales network to carry out in full swing, Taobao, Suning Tesco, Gome online, such as brand shop number of arrows, directed at the Internet sales of new breakthrough.
    Now the Internet B2C and C2C business model everywhere, all kinds of businesses and stores varies greatly, how to come to the fore in the online sales model is Yellow River (Hh) online shopping mall in the initial operational efforts to solve major problems. After thorough market research and long-term preparation, the Yellow River electronic come to the idea of winning and the atmosphere to win the strategy of both hands simultaneously.
    Winning is the key to the idea. In all the Yellow River electricity supplier, to buy the product promotions content service everywhere, all through the online store to buy products users can get detailed and tailored the humanized service content free of charge. In addition, the the Yellow River electricity suppliers pay special attention to the convenience of the user network to buy, focus on creating a good user experience of online shopping mall. All products are in accordance with the the Yellow River electricity suppliers are neatly classified according to the user's habits, product clarity, at a glance. And a professional shopping guide online and offline services in a two pronged, to the professional online shopping experience is convenient, fast, comfortable, secure and characteristics are the biggest play.
    Atmosphere to win is to refer to all of the the Yellow River electricity suppliers to create a professional audio and video atmosphere. Whether the user is targeted to buy, or online stroll, can clearly feel the atmosphere in the shop in the Yellow River. HD video player the Yellow River LCD TV
    In order to further support the Internet sales of products in the Yellow River, the Yellow River has also opened a 400-855-5190 advisory service to provide users with more convenient one to one service. The Yellow River electronics company in the future will improve the online sales system from more aspects, tap the huge market potential of the Internet, expand unlimited business opportunities.
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